General terms of use

This app is made available by Kala Swiss SA and is intended solely for information purposes. By using the information and services made available on this mobile app by Kala Swiss SA or by downloading data, you accept the general information and terms of use set out in these legal particulars and in the terms and conditions of use. If you do not accept these terms of use, you are forbidden to use this site/application and download any data.


Kala Swiss SA expressly reserves all rights of reproduction (copyright) on all information and all content published in the application. The following in particular are protected under copyright that is held exclusively by Kala Swiss SA: all data presentation modes, design and software comprising this application. The fact of using, downloading or copying data does not confer any rights on the software or any other component that can be accessed through the Kala application. The use of the Kala application is subject to the following conditions:

- Kala authorises private persons to access its tools free of charge.

- Kala's approval is required in order to use the information published in Kala. Please use our contact page to contact us.

- It is forbidden to copy, publish or reproduce the accessible data, in any form whatsoever.

- The links to Kala's services may be provided on the condition that Kala is clearly identified as the provider of those services. You must request Kala Swiss SA's consent to create a link to Kala's services. We reserve the right to take legal action against any infringement of these copyright terms.


While we have taken utmost care to ensure that the information published in this application is correct, we cannot take responsibility for the fairness, accuracy, currentness, reliability and completeness of that information.

As we are an intermediary, the information that we publish is taken from the 2nd Pillar Central Office or from pension fund organisations.

We cannot be held liable for material or non-material damage that may be caused by the access to the published information or by the use or non-use of that information, by the delay in transmitting data, by the inappropriate use of the connection, or by technical problems.


We reserve the right to modify the content of this mobile app in part or in full, to delete it or temporarily suspend its publishing, at any time and without prior notice.


1. The Kala application user fills their search request and undertakes to provide accurate information.
3 minutes
2. Kala Swiss SA immediately transfers this request electronically to the 2nd Pillar Central Office in Bern, along with a proxy to receive the result. The 2nd Pillar Central Office undertakes to scan over 1,500 pension funds for any accrued funds in your name.
4 weeks
3. Kala Swiss SA receives the result of your request by postal mail and then adds the institutions where your funds are held into its system. You will then receive an email and a push notification to go to the application and see the details.
3 minutes
4. You can see the results in the application and directly repatriate your accrued funds free of charge and without your leaving your couch. From the first step to the last, Kala Swiss SA does not bill any charges.
3 minutes
5. Your account statement will be sent to your home address to inform you of the total amount that was repatriated.
4 weeks

Charges and fees

Charges for searching 1,500 pension funds for your accrued funds free
Request to repatriate accrued funds from former foundations free
Administrative support free
Kala Swiss SA management fee free

In a word, Kala Swiss SA does not bill its users for any charges. So spread the word!

No guarantee

Kala endeavours to provide precise information on its site/app but does not make any commitment or give any guarantee, whether explicit or implied, as to the exactness, reliability and completeness of that information.

No offer

The information published in the Kala application cannot under any circumstances be construed as an offer or as a recommendation to sign a contract or an undertaking to purchase.

Place of jurisdiction

Pursuant to Art. 10(1)(b) of the CPC, the place of jurisdiction is that of the company's head office at Delémont.

Applicable law

The terms and conditions of use of this mobile app are governed by Swiss law. Only the French version of the mobile app shall be applicable for the purposes of interpretation or in case of dispute.

General remarks on data protection

For Kala Swiss SA, the protection of your privacy is of prime importance. Needless to say, this principle also applies to the processing of your data when you view the Kala application.

Your data is encrypted and stored on secure servers at Hostpoint in Switzerland.

Acceptance statement

The user authorises Kala Swiss SA to contact the 2nd Pillar Central Office or the pension fund organisations on the user's behalf, to request account statements. The data may be processed using electronic means. You accept that if required, or for support purposes, a member of the Kala Swiss SA staff can contact you by email, telephone or video-conferencing. In case of excessive workload, Kala Swiss SA may appoint an external provider for the phone support. The data is not sold to third parties for the purposes of marketing.

Mailing address

Kala Swiss SA
Route de Rossemaison 100
2800 Delémont

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