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On average, each citizen between 25 and 65 years old has
CHF 12’838 in vested benefits!

When to do the research?

You should immediately do a search if:

During periods of unemployment, prudent management of your vested benefits becomes crucial. A strategic distribution of your savings is advised to maintain financial stability and minimize fees. Good planning ensures a smooth transition through this period.
During a sabbatical, financially preparing for this work interruption is essential for the protection of your vested benefits. Careful planning offers you peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy your time without financial worries.
Good retirement planning requires an overview of all your assets. A quick awareness of this issue allows you to find a banking partner offering more interesting returns.
If you have changed employers without a break in employment, no problem, your credit balance has been transferred to your new pension fund. If your employment was terminated for a few months, a vested benefit credit may have been created.
Leaving your employer in Switzerland means leaving your pension fund and therefore a vested benefit is created. This money can be withdrawn under certain conditions or transferred to a Swiss bank offering better conditions.
Good succession planning requires an overview of all your assets. Early awareness of this issue enables you to find an advantageous banking partner. It also helps to reduce the administrative burden on your heirs.
The LPP assets accumulated during the marriage should in principle be shared at the time of divorce. During this splitting, a vested benefits account is created if the recipient is not affiliated with a pension fund.
Do you need equity to buy your own home and are you short on funds? Perhaps you have it without knowing it.
Are you a conscientious person who wants to be sure that none of your hard-earned assets from your professional career have been misplaced? There's only one way to make it light.
The Kala app allows you to find your lost assets.

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“Almost CHF 5.6 billion in unclaimed second pillar assets.”
Source : RTS


2nd pillar assets or vested benefits: how to recover them?

By filling out our free and non-binding search request form, a search will be sent to the 2nd Pillar Central Office.

How could I "misplace" my assets?

When the employee leaves the employer, the pension fund sends a form to the employee and the employee must indicate where the assets are to be transferred. If this form is not filled in on time, the money is sent to the Substitute Institution Foundation.

Why trust us?

Kala Swiss SA, a limited company based in the Jura region (CH), is the first to have created a 100% digital process to retrieve your 2nd pillar assets. Today, we are the market leader and have hundreds of satisfied users' reviews, visible on App Store and Play Store. The press has praised their services on several occasions.

total vested benefits in Switzerland
55 billion
satisfied users
accounts with the Supplétive Foundation
A dismissal can lead you to lose your second pillar assets.

The problem of vesting in Switzerland

Every year 830'000 people change employer, thus considerably increasing their chances of losing their 2nd pillar assets.

55 billion

Total vested benefits in Switzerland

Source: article Le Temps

16 billion

Invested at a yield of 0.30% with the Supplementary Foundation

Source: Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution


Accounts with the Substitute Foundation

Source: Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution


of Swiss people between 25 and 65 have a vested benefit

Source: Labour Force Survey

With Kala, the process is simplified

All repatriation procedures can be done digitally without physically seeing a counselor.

  1. The applicant completes the application for free on the Kala app or website in less than 3 minutes.
  2. The applicant is notified when the results are available.
  3. The applicant can proceed with the repatriation of his assets, simply without having to travel.
  1. The applicant fills the search request form for the 2nd Pillar Central Office.
  2. The applicant sends the request form by post (CHF 1).
  3. The applicant receives information about where the money is located (but not the amount).
  4. The applicant fills out applications to the institutes for account holdings.
  5. The applicant sends letters (CHF 1 to CHF 3 depending on the number of pension funds).
  6. The applicant receives a statement of account from each institute by post.
  7. The applicant fills out the forms to have the money repatriated from each institute.
  8. The applicant's repatriated amounts are credited to the vested benefits accounts of their choice.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? You may find the answers below. For more details, check out our FAQ.

Simply put, every time a termination or change of professional activity occurs, of which the most frequent cases are:

  • Change of employer
  • Unemployment
  • Sabbatical leave
  • Bringing up children
  • Divorce
  • Moving out of Switzerland permanently
  • You are not sure that your accrued funds have been transferred every time you changed or terminated your activity.
  • You are looking for equity for your future house.
  • You are looking for equity to start your own business.
  • You wish to plan your retirement.
  • You wish to plan your inheritance.
  • One of your family members is deceased and you want to know whether they had any unknown accrued funds.
  • You are just curious.

The 2nd Pillar Central Office is the liaison office between the occupational benefit institutions (also called 2nd Pillar or LPP/BVG) and the insured. Its purpose is to reconnect the insured with the institutions. It does not manage any insured party account or any accrued funds. This service is funded by the Confederation and the searches are free of charge for the applicant.

Once you have validated your search request, you don't have to do anything else, except be patient! You will receive a letter when we have received the results.

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Tens of thousands of users have recovered lost assets and are satisfied with the solutions we have provided. We have received hundreds of positive testimonials about the quality and professionalism of our services. All of them are available in the App Store and Play Store.


«A practical, intuitive and efficient tool. The team showed determination and successfully accompanied me in a process that could seem complicated.»

Christine F.
applied on October 27

«A letter was sent to me containing BVG assets in several locations, followed by a very clear phone call to help me consolidate my funds.»

Thomas K.
applied on November 2

«I am relieved to know that all my contributions are now in one place (which was not the case before)... Without your help, I probably never would have taken the necessary steps.»

Tania M.
applied on October 30

«We were delighted with your service which allowed us to easily consolidate my wife's various pension funds... which would not have been possible without your help.»

Erik L.
applied on October 15

«Efficiency, speed, simplicity and safety. Not to mention very pleasant people. Thank you very much.»

Sarah P.
applied on July 6

«A complicated process that is now very easy to use! Thanks to all of you!»

Julien A.
applied on May 12


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